When Clueless

January 17, 2015

When I run into problems that I have no clue of how solve, I get this fear and in my mind I hear "How the hell am I going to get past this ?"

Impstor syndrome kicks in - "if I fail to solve this problem, will they figure out that i dont know what im doing? " These two feelings can be mentally arresting at times.

Then I . . .

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Code Comments of Intent

July 08, 2014

Code Comments Of Intent

Im sure this is already known within the wider software community but nevertheless it is a realization that I have recently reached. That there are Code Comments that explain function and comments that illustrate intent.

Many times while taking a look at open source code, I would know what is happening(sytanx, fuction . . .

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Tunnel Vision Debugging

June 09, 2014

Tunnel Vision Debugging

One of my pitfalls when it comes to programming it Tunnel Vision Debugging. Let's assume that I wanted to perform a task, I was then able to accomplish that task and then moved on. Fast forward a couple of weeks, I try to accomplish that same task that worked and now it fails.

I look at my code and there is nothing . . .

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MySQL Preflight Checklist

May 03, 2014

Here are some things to check off after a fresh install of MySQL 5

  • Open port 3306 on your server

  • Change the bind address listen for external connections on the mysql config file

  • Grant your Mysql user SELECT/UPDATE/DELETE privileges as necessary from specific hosts

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Commit Message Prefixes

March 21, 2014

I find it very useful to prefix my commits with a verb that specifies the type of commit I made. This makes it much easier for me to find out at a glance what a commit has done.

This is generally common practice from what I've seen in open source software. An example commit would be Fix the user lookup function so that deactivated users . . .

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Virtualenv and Python Versions

February 03, 2014

Want to install a certain version of python in your virtualenv ? Here's a working example for virtualenv 1.10.1 on Linux 12.04

virtualenv --no-site-packages --distribute -p /usr/bin/python3.3 directory-name

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Xcode Beginner Shortcuts

February 02, 2014

I just started to learn Objective C and here are some Xcode 5 shortcuts that I find useful when just getting started with the Editor.

Move cursor back and forth one word.

Shift + Option + Left/Right arrow

Move cursor up and down one line.

Shift + Option + Up/Down arrow

Delete current line where the cursor is located.

Control + k

Open new tab.

Command . . .

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